The Qualoupe LIMS video tutorials are hosted on You Tube and as such we recommend viewing in HD resolution and full screen mode. Additional materials can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Link Description
Qualoupe LIMS Sample LoginLogging in a sample This tutorial demonstrates creating a new sample in the Qualoupe LIMS Sample Manager, selecting a Material and Specification, assigning the sample to an existing batch and entering associated descriptive information.
Qualoupe LIMS Material ManagerMaterial Manager This tutorial demonstrates how to create a Material record in the Qualoupe LIMS Material Manager. A Specification is then created for the new Material record. Methods are added to the Specification and limits assigned. The Specification is then approved for use. An additional specification is added to the Material.
Qualoupe LIMS Sample Results EntryEntering results This tutorial covers results entry by sample which is a common way for users to enter results and review existing information on a sample by sample basis. When entering results by sample, all of the tests for one sample are displayed on a single form.
Qualoupe LIMS Roles ManagerRoles Manager This tutorial will show how to create a new role and to edit user privileges for the role.
Qualoupe LIMS People ManagerPeople Manager This tutorial demonstrates how to create a Qualoupe user using the People Manager.
Qualoupe LIMS Method ManagerMethod Manager This tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple method record including showing how the record would be reviewed and approved for use.
Qualoupe LIMS Worklist TutorialWorklist This tutorial demonstrates how to assign methods on a Qualoupe sample record to analysts and/or instruments.
Qualoupe LIMS Sample ValidationSample Validation This tutorial demonstrates the Results Validation steps that allow authorised personnel to review the analytical data that has been entered for a method result and assign an appropriate validation status.
Qualoupe LIMS Sample ApprovalSample Approval The tutorial shows how validated samples are reviewed and assigned an approval status.