Access to current and historical data via user configurable reports can substantially shorten the decision making process, and bring real benefits to your business and your customers.

The Qualoupe LIMS reporting module provides powerful and intuitive report design via SAP Crystal Reports which gives Qualoupe users the ability to create custom reports easily and effectively. Report distribution is managed through our web based Qualoupe Reporting Portal.

Qualoupe Reporting Portal

Qualoupe LIMS Reporting Portal Login
The Qualoupe Reporting Portal provides secure access to reports for both internal and external customers.

This standalone web based application utilizes separate licenses from the main Qualoupe application to reduce the cost of delivering the data from the Qualoupe database to other parts of your organisation and to external customers. The low cost Qualoupe LIMS reporting license substantially reduces the cost of web based reporting when compared to third party solutions.
Qualoupe Reporting Module Report Listing
The management of the reporting users and licenses is all handled through the Qualoupe LIMS application thus reducing the administrative overhead, and the need to maintain two independent applications

Standard Reports

A portfolio of both laboratory and business wide reports are included with the system. These reports cover a broad range of requirements, for the laboratory itself, reports including Work lists, Certificates of Analysis, and Certificates of Conformance. For the wider business reports such as Sample Turnaround, and resource usage reports are provided, along with a number of financial reports which can be used in conjunction with the Quotation and Invoicing functionality provided in Qualoupe LIMS.

Integrated Reporting

Qualoupe LIMS also has integrated reporting functionality, any of the standard Qualoupe LIMS reports or custom reports can be loaded into the application and associated with one or more of the screens available in Qualoupe LIMS. Reports can then be previewed or printed directly from Qualoupe LIMS.
Qualoupe LIMS Integrated Reporting