Qualoupe LIMS Users Course

This course, presented by Twofold Software Ltd, is aimed at new and existing users of Qualoupe LIMS who wish to quickly become proficient in the running of their LIMS system.
Qualoupe LIMS Results Entry
The training takes place over one day. New users of the system will be taken through launching the program and logging in, along with a description of how to navigate about the system and how to use queries to view existing records.

The course will include a description of the creation of test methods and specifications and then explores creation of samples within Qualoupe LIMS and their life cycle from start to finish, including assigning analysis to users or instruments, creating worklists, entering results and finally the validation of the results and approval of the samples.

After completing the course, the users should be able to create Method and Material records and create samples and take them through their entire life-cycle within Qualoupe

A summary of the key topics to be covered is as follows:

  • Getting started with Qualoupe including familiarization with the interface, common functionality and accessing existing data.
  • Sample Log in – including single sample creation using Sample Manager, multiple sample creation, using Batch Manager, editing sample details, adding/removing methods and parameters to/from a sample record and reporting.
  • Sample statuses and what they mean, including receiving samples.
  • Assigning Work to individual analysts
  • Results Entry – how parameter settings are applied, what happens if a result is outside specifications, editing results and audit trail. Manage related documents
  • Results validation
  • Sample Final Status (Approval)
  • Using the Instrument Manager
  • Managing contacts with the People Manager and Companies and Business Units Manager.