CERF is the ELN solution designed for the richness, flexibility, diverse needs & workflows of R&D Labs.  Researchers must manage protocols, experimental data, informatics, documents, databases – and capture their work, observations, and interpretations. CERF makes this easy by automatically registering the content, metadata, and activities, as well as time/date stamping and creating audit trails.  Relieving the users from the burden of record-keeping and in doing so saves them  time for creative thinking.

Improves lab and scientist performance by:

Supporting a broad range of activities, protocols, data.

Reducing time spent managing information, recording research, and searching for items and information.

Increasing productivity, information access & sharing.

Managing SOPs, notebook and experiment templates.

Organizing projects, experiments, and data; capturing annotations and scientific interpretation.

Streamlines business and R&D management by:

Improving productivity and decision making. CERF will pay for itself within 6 months due to more efficient, effective work and reduced man-hours necessary to make sound decisions and complete projects.

Lowering risk, increasing valuation, and improving ROI from individual R&D programs.

Enabling better reporting, project management, and collaboration between Business and Science areas

Helps manage critical legal & regulatory needs by:

Improving compliance (21CFR11) & reducing risk.

Meeting requirements for security and regulatory policies, including audit trails and digital signatures.

Capturing and protecting valuable intellectual property.

Addresses IT Services and Informatics needs by:

Supporting users and collaborators across operating systems (Windows®, Apple Mac OS X)

Providing manageable and extensible open systems built on ontologies and data standards.

Lowering R&D costs through easily deployed and managed support systems.

Integrating and leveraging existing systems and data.

Bridging corporate silos by connecting the enterprise in 3 dimensions: (1) vertical – the organizational chart and business relationships; (2) horizontal – scientific domains, departments, collaborators; (3) time axis – product development lifecycle.

Proven Product Pedigree

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