Qualoupe Statistical Process Control

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Many manufacturers and other organisations need to monitor their key processes, the usual approach is to use third party statistical tools and either link to the underlying LIMS database or export the data from LIMS and import this into the third party package.  The downside of this approach is the additional cost and the integration of the third party statistical tool.

Two Fold have introduced a module “In Stat Plus” that seamlessly provides statistical process control 


‘IN-STAT Plus’ – brings you INSTANT ‘in-line’ Statistical Control’ to your key processes

The moment that a test or QC result is entered and validated, ‘IN-STAT Plus’ will check the current status of your process and report back instantly to let you know if: -

Your result falls outside of an action limit

2 Consecutive values have fallen outside of a warning limit

7 Consecutive values have a rising tendency

7 Consecutive values have a falling tendency

10 out of 11 consecutive values fall on one side of the central line

..and if all is well ‘IN-STAT Plus’ will deliver the good news


‘IN-STAT Plus’ brings to you ALL of this information INSTANTLY, there’s no plotting data points or linking to external statistical packages, all the work is carried out behind the scenes using Qualoupe’s powerful Mathematical Data Manager

‘IN-STAT Plus’ is very simple to use and even EASIER to set up because it follows the exact same conventions that the standard system adopts, and what’s more, there’ no limit to how many Processes ‘IN-STAT Plus’ can monitor.

‘IN-STAT Plus’ can also provide the user with a real time graphical representation of your process status to back up its instant delivery of process analysis, ‘IN-STAT Plus’ is a true and reliable ‘Process Policeman’, on the beat, 24/7, 365 days a year!

P.S. How long does it take you to re-calculate ‘Process’ and ‘Warning Limits’?

‘IN-STAT Plus’ will do this AUTOMATICALLY for you after a pre-determined number of results have been recorded, what’s more, it even up-versions your test method so that you have a full and complete audit history of every change of test limit for your key processes and QC parameters!

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