Fridays Recipe

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I do not dress like this every day!

It is Friday and my thoughts are about cooking, as I have a busy work lifestyle and my wife is the same, when I get home I like to unwind whilst cooking the evening meal.

Midweek I like recipes which are quick to make and healthy, for me the guru of this style is Nigel Slater he has written many books and has also had a film made about his early years before getting his first job at the Savoy.  The film was called Toast because his mother was an appalling cook and many meals were ruined, and the fallback was good old toast with butter.

Whilst ruminating about this blog, I realised that though most people have not heard of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) it does have a direct impact on their lives.  How so you may ask!  Well, we all consume food and it goes without saying that we do not want to eat food that is harmful or contains harmful ingredients, and so we rely on the manufacturers and producers to provide reliable products.

Within the food industry the manufacturers and producers routinely analytically test the ingredients and finished products to ensure there quality and that they adhere to the legislation.  This involves processing lots of samples and as such most will use a LIMS like Qualoupe to process and control the testing of the samples.

Without LIMS there would be more food scares than there are: they still happen, but are generally picked up very quickly because of the constant monitoring by LIMS.

Some of you may remember the Sudan Dye incident in 2004?

Getting back to my intended recipe, this is one of Nigel’s  which I can highly recommend as a simple supper, but I have also served this at a dinner party and wowed the guests.

Crispy Duck and Citrus Salad


Clive Collier

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