Qualoupe Functionality

Front Page on April 10th, 2010 Comments Off

Our 141 man years LIMS experience, has been used to define functionality within Qualoupe, so that there is greater flexibility within each function enabling our users to set up their system to reflect their business logic and laboratory practices, without the need for extensive custom code or consultancy fees.

We are not naive to believe that we won’t have to provide some custom code at some time, but when we do we will endeavour to make this custom functionality available to those that need or can use the functionality.

Within Qualoupe there is a wealth of functionality rather than just listing the functionality, providing a brief description and some screen shots, it makes sense to us to use a modern approach and give you access to some of our product tutorials. Please visit our Tutorials page to access one of our tutorials.

However if you would like to view a list of available functionality please click here.

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